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A Labor of Love
Acres of pasture with mixed grasses and legumes, natural shade, and fresh water sources carefully cultivated and preserved on Munroc Farm in Bourbon County.

Rhonda Cornum’s conserved her land just before Thanksgiving of 2013.

Rhonda has a grass-fed beef, pastured turkey, and row crop farm in Bourbon County. She has bred and trained Gordon Setters for many years, and will soon be hosting field trials and hunt tests on the farm.

Rather than risk the farm becoming developed, Rhonda and her family protected it because, as she puts it,

“We’ve seen great farms go under the knife of development, and we just couldn’t bear to see that happen here, after spending decades on conservation practices and improvements. We wanted to make sure there would be farms… and local food for the future and this is really the only way to make sure that happens.”

A Labor of Love