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An Honored Legacy
Barbara Hunter's legacy includes the conservation of her beautiful Brownwood Farm forever. Photo by David Young.

Within recent weeks, as summer began coming to a close, something wonderful happened when Barbara Hunter conserved her rolling Bluegrass horse farm, Brownwood Farm, in Jessamine County… through her will.


We are so grateful to our supporters for enabling us to honor Barbara Hunter’s wishes – and for her farm to be protected after her lifetime.                       


Barbara was born in Chicago and raised by her mother, Mary Hunter, on a cattle ranch in Montana. After moving with her mother to Kentucky in 1952, Barbara became a longtime breeder and owner of thoroughbreds.


She focused her operation on buying into female families, developing them over succeeding generations, and often named her horses after the Montana locales or landscapes where she grew up.


When she passed away on her beloved farm last November, she left a clear directive in her will that hundreds of acres of scenic rolling hills, peaceful woodlands, and productive farmland would be protected with our land trust.

An Honored Legacy