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Protecting a Lifetime of Memories in Boyle Co.
"This land has been farmed by our family for all these years, so it holds a special place in our hearts."

“Farmland not only makes Boyle County a beautiful place to live, it’s also part of our local economy.  Even though the children in our family are not going to farm, someone will be able to continue to farm here in the future – and that was a real “plus” to conserving our land.  We wanted to protect it as green space, but also to try and support local agriculture and the next generation of farmers.” 

The decision to protect their land with Bluegrass Conservancy didn’t take long.  The Bright Family Farm is owned by Pat and her four children, Steve, Katie, Sallie, and Jim. Katie investigated, sketched out the steps involved, and shared all the information with the rest of the family.  The Brights talked, asked questions, and decided to go forward with the donation.

“There are so many farmers who love their land.  We encourage them to be open, hear what’s involved, and think about it,” notes Pat. 

“You still retain control.  You still own the land.  You still get to decide what happens on it.  You can still farm.  You can still sell it,” she adds, “This is simply thinking about farming and being a steward of your land in a new way.” 

The Bright family is well aware that as a farmer, sometimes you have good years, and other years are bad.  Despite that reality, “we would feel terrible to see the next crop on our farm be houses – or a shopping center,” says Katie.  “The whole family is bonded to this land.  We would all be broken-hearted if it were developed.  There are so many memories on the farm for each of us – riding ponies and playing along the creek as children, watching the beam of burning brush in the old tobacco days, celebrating family weddings, and the magic of sunlight streaming in through the barn boards.  Now not just our land, but our lifetimes of memories will always be protected.”

Protecting a Lifetime of Memories in Boyle Co.